Living Room lighting advice

Let's start where you sit. An adjustable reading light beside or behind your chair which can be switched whilst seated will prove invaluable. If it can be adjusted for height even better. Two or three table lamps placed around the perimeter on tables, shelves or furniture will give the room a more spacious feeling as the light radiates inwards. These small pools of light also create interest. It is ideal if these lamps can be switched using a 5-amp lighting circuit, so they can be turned on from the wall switch.

Illuminate bookcases, pictures or objects of interest with pictures lights or halogen spot lights. This indirect lighting of a different colour will add contrast.

Wall lights and pendants on a dimmer switch can raise the level of illumination in the room without needing to adjust any of the other light sources but beware of glare if they are mounted too high. Indirect light from wall washers (light fittings designed to light the wall and ceiling often made in ceramic or glass) will create dramatic effects. Remember that the light given from the wall washers will be coloured by the surfaces on which they are mounted.

Floor lamps come in many guises and can be very effective at adding general illumination to a dark area where it is not easy to fit wall lights, ceiling lights or table lamps. A floor uplighter gives a bright wash on the ceiling. Some are fitted with dimmers and others have a second flexible arm for reading.

Avoid relying solely on one central light which will create hard shadows and possibly glare. Instead aim to use to use plenty of different light sources to create pools of light, this will give a more interesting effect.


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