Bedroom lighting advice

This is an area so often neglected. Consider the number of functions required of a bedroom.

For dressing you will need general illumination or, if your partner has to rise at a different time, do you need a lower level pool of light which won't disturb them? A well-positioned down-light will help here.

Many people read in bed. In a double room, it is useful to have bedside lights which are individually switched. Adjustable reading lamps are ideal if you want to read while your partner sleeps. For convenience and safety, you should aim to have all of the bedroom lights controlled from the bed.

Dressing tables used for make-up will need more specific lighting and the use of two slender table lamps either side of the mirror gives a good working light without glare and will add to the cosy effect to the room.

Try to create pools of light to reduce any hard contrasts. Adding a table lamp or illuminating pictures will be very effective.

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