Traditional hall lights

Give your home a fresh breath of life with traditional hall lights

If there is one area most home owners in the UK neglect, it has to be the hallway. You can be forgiven if you fall under this category because how long do you actually spend in your hallway? Still, your home can suffer greatly from a neglected hallway and one way of sprucing it up is by investing in traditional hall lights. Remember, your hallway will be the first impression your guests get of your home when visiting you.

Looking Back at Ceiling Lights

The earliest ceiling lights dating back to candles and oil wick lanterns still form some of the most poignant features in movies set in that period. This goes to prove that the hallway is indeed one of the most important parts of the house.

While much has changed since the days of candles and lanterns, the idea remains the same; welcoming everyone who walks in warmly. Without good lighting, you will be sending the wrong message however well illuminated the rest of the house is. Moreover, traditional hall lights will offer:

Ambience and glamour to the hallway, creating a good atmosphere.

Grandeur and aesthetics. If you want to wow your visitors before they enter, there is no better way than to dazzle them with an amazing chandelier.

Functional lighting. If you have a corridor before the main rooms, you need lights to completely light up the area.

Getting Your Hallway Lighting Right

Choosing the best ceiling light is easier said than done and you need how to do it right. Some of the factors to consider include:

Type of ceiling light: There are multiple styles to choose from including semi-flush, pendant, wall lights, lanterns, pendulum chandeliers in different designs and many more. Before starting your search, make sure you have an idea what you want.

Type of hallway: If your house has a large entrance hall, you can fix a grand chandelier in all its splendour. However, a corridor would require shallow suspended light because of the size.

Design of the light: You have to consider the rest of the décor before choosing your hallway lighting. As such, look around for styles that will complement what the rest of the house offers. You can opt for a classical touch, modern lights among many others.

Other factors to consider include the weight, ease of fitting, elegance of the design and material of the frame you want.

As you shop for traditional hall lights, remember they are supposed to warmly welcome your guests but not cause them to stumble. You can also see our range of hallway lights in our lighting showroom in Northern Ireland.

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