Selecting the perfect chandelier

For centuries, wooden and wrought iron chandeliers have provided light for all kinds of interior spaces and, in more recent times, chandeliers have provided that special decorative element and bit of sparkle for many home interiors.

Chandeliers can illuminate the entire room and are an excellent way to show off your style. Stunning crystal chandeliers capture and reflect the light and add luxury to any home, providing practical lighting as well as an elegant ambience.

Where to hang a chandelier?

Chandeliers are a centrepiece light fixture and the main focal point for any room. Very popular in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways, chandeliers have become increasingly popular in other areas of the home, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

A chandelier should be large enough to draw the eye without taking up too much space, so there is nothing to see in the room but the light fitting itself. Searchlight chandeliers range from the elegant to the purely functional, and are sure to provide a special atmosphere anywhere they are placed.

With chandeliers, size is everything.

You must keep the ceiling height in mind and consider the size of the room before choosing any chandelier. Don’t forget to measure your ceiling height, as not all ceiling heights are the same. You don’t want to fit a chandelier that hangs too low and have people banging their heads on it, or a light that is so high you need to buy a bigger ladder to simply change a bulb.

As a general rule, you want the bottom of the chandelier to be approximately eight feet above the floor, which will allow enough room for even the tallest of people to walk underneath it without ducking their heads.

When determining the diameter of a chandelier for a certain room, Searchlight has a simple formula to use as a helpful guide. Measure the length and width of your room in feet, and add the two numbers together. For example if the room is 16ft x 12ft, the total is 28. So an ideal size chandelier for that room would be 28 inches diameter.

In a dining room, the bottom of the chandelier should be approximately 2.5 to 3 feet above the dining room table. The diameter of a chandelier in a dining room should be approximately 12 inches narrower than the width of the table and positioned centrally, directly above the table.

With chandeliers, size is everything.

The right chandelier can transform any space into a vibrant interior and add amazing character to any room in your home. Unfortunately, a poorly selected chandelier can be an unsightly monstrosity that takes over the space and blinds people with the glare when walking into the room.

To choose a good chandelier, you need to consider the entire decor of the room and what statement you want to make, be it functional, beautiful, eye-catching, subtle or simply decorative. As a basic rule, if the room décor is traditional, choose a more ornate, decorative chandelier. And if the room is more modern, select a simpler, less decorative chandelier. Glare can also be avoided by choosing a chandelier with shades.

Searchlight have an extensive range of chandeliers available to compliment the decoration scheme of any room. From classical crystal chandeliers to contemporary modern fittings, Searchlight caters for the wide diversity of material, functionality and design demanded by today’s homeowners.

But remember, if you have low ceilings, you should be very careful with your selection.

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