How to make the most of garden lighting

With the correct outdoor lighting to complement the different plants, flowers and landscaping, your garden can be transformed into an ideal area for many purposes, such as garden parties or your own private retreat. However, lighting the exterior of a property often requires more planning and creativity than lighting an inside room. Searchlight offer everything from decking and pathway lights, to wall lights, bollards, post lights and porch lights, with a versatile range and endless lighting options for around the garden. With an extensive range of lighting choices and so many different styles of gardens, knowing where to start can be a little confusing. So we’ve listed some helpful ideas and tips for you to consider for making the most of your garden lighting.

Lighting Plan

Where and how you place your outdoor lights is paramount in garden lighting. Initially, we would recommend choosing the suitable places for your garden light points, taking into account where the lights would fit perfectly without causing any obstruction. You can create a better shadow effect in your garden by installing lights in front of plants.

Garden lights must serve the purpose of being both functional and ornate, by adding to the decorative element. However, they also need to be subtle and enhance a garden’s beauty when the sun goes down. And if you’re creative, you can control what is seen (and not seen) with tactical outdoor lighting.

Lighting Safety

As evening falls and daylight fades, it's nice to be able to throw a switch and light up the garden so you can stay out for longer. However outdoor and garden lighting can have other practical uses. For example, if you have steps in the garden, it is advisable to fit step lights to avoid tripping.

Post Lights are a great way of lighting up pathways for safety and helping to ensure the exterior of your home is lit for security. Outdoor wall lights and hanging lanterns create a safe and welcoming environment for the front of your home, in addition to enhancing the outside of your property.

Lighting Types

Outdoor lighting is IP rated – the higher the rating the more resistant the fitting is to the elements. All external lights should be waterproof, durable and compliant with safety regulations. IP44 rated garden lights are splashproof, and IP67 rated lights are water tight (submersible) and recommended for gardens near to the coast.

As outdoor lights are often left on for many hours, it is recommended to use LED or energy saving bulbs, as these consume minimum energy. Low wattage lamps are also considered safe, creating low level lighting around the garden in the evening, which isn’t overly bright and difficult for eyes to adjust to the light.

Lighting Styles

Style is vital in determining the ambience of your garden. A combination of small spotlights and post lights can create a sense of theatre, leading you from one area of the garden to another. By illuminating from the floor with uplighters, you can also highlight the best parts of your garden.

Decking lights and spike lights will illuminate your garden and patio area to create a space you can enjoy any time. Lighting up your garden, patio or driveway with bright and eye-catching outdoor wall lighting will help bring your garden to life, turning an ordinary garden into an extraordinary one.

Make your exterior lighting as stunning as your interior, with our extensive range of traditional and contemporary outdoor lights. Searchlight’s stylish and practical outdoor lighting is perfect for enhancing the outside of your property and bringing the garden to life, so you can enjoy it for longer once night falls.

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