Children’s bedroom lighting advice

The appearance and functionality of a child’s bedroom will vary massively depending on the age and sex of the child. For young children the lighting needs to be fun and colourful. And for older children the lighting is often focused more on a study area. Bedroom lighting should illuminate their world in a wonderful way, and a well-designed lighting scheme will grow with the child.

Children's bedroom lighting should be glowing with amazing solutions to suit their sense of style. So we’ve listed some helpful tips and ideas for different lighting options, ranging from the practical to the more decorative and fun.

Lighting Safety

Safety is the primary concern when choosing lighting for a child’s bedroom. We would recommend ensuring that all lights are fitted with low wattage lamps or LED bulbs, which are cooler to the touch and use less energy, as you may have to leave a night light on for long periods for younger children. And even as they get older, most children tend to forget about turning the lights off when they leave the room!

All wall lights should be out of reach of a small child, to prevent them from accidentally burning their hands by touching the light bulb out of curiosity. As a precaution, it’s advisable to use something other than halogen bulbs in a child’s room, as these generate extreme heat.

Lighting Styles

Young children’s bedrooms are an opportunity for fun, playful lighting with bright shades to match the colour scheme of the room. Lighting can also help with the bedtime routine and night lights are ideal for making a child feel comforted in the dark.

As a child gets older, the bedroom design must take into account the comfort needed for study and the long hours spent doing homework. So the lighting should be engaging and productive, whilst providing adequate lighting without placing too much strain upon the eyes.

Ceiling Lights

Natural lighting is the best source of light to illuminate a children’s bedroom during the day. However, at night, a durable and versatile ceiling fitting will provide ambient, overhead light and ensure the child’s room is well lit at all times.

Pendant lights can provide a real statement lighting feature and are ideal for practical, general lighting or task lighting. Alternatively, spotlights offer a versatile and modern lighting effect with great directional light just where it’s needed, such as a play area or work area.

Recessed ceiling lights can also be fitted overhead, with wide beam lamps distributing a better spread of light over designated areas of the bedroom. Recessed lights also give off a soft subtle glow, which creates the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a popular bedroom lighting solution, as they can fine-tune the atmosphere of a room in more ways than one. They are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of freshening up the colour scheme, and are ideal for distributing subtle or bright light into certain areas of the bedroom, such as beside the bed if they enjoy reading at night.

A child’s bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a desk lamp, no matter what the age of the child. Desk lamps are flexible and versatile, focusing light onto the required spot. So they’re perfect for younger children drawing or doing puzzles, as well as for older children reading or studying on the computer.

To ensure a child isn’t straining their eyes, table lamps and desk lamps should be positioned to avoid the direct glare faced while working. So there should be no shadows while writing and the light should fall directly into the open page, for the maximum reading comfort.

In Conclusion

Consider the types of activities your child will be doing in the bedroom and whether they will need extra light. Searchlight’s extensive range of stylish and practical lighting will transform any child’s bedroom into an exciting interior. Whether you are looking for a modern ceiling light or functional task lighting, we can assure you that, as the UK’s largest most comprehensive lighting supplier, we have light fittings available to match the style and character of any child’s bedroom.

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